" Will you tell me what you saw? "


I go by paul or max
he / him + fae / faer

im a gnc gay transman
i have bpd, asd, ptsd, gad, did, and psychosis
I have some physical health issues that keep
me from always being around, sorry

im a minor so please dont be weird to me

DNI if...
You are racist, sexist, lgbtphobic, etc
You support cringe culture
You are against self shipping / kinning
You don't take triggers / ptsd seriously
you are transmed / truscum / terf
you are all lives matter or blue lives matter
you are against nb / he lesbians or nb / she gays
you support problematic things like incest or minors x adults in any way

thank you

i have a lot of fandoms im apart of,
feel free to talk to me about any of them !
Petscop is my current hyperfixation

• Homestuck
• Minecraft
• Petscop
• Pokemon
• Portal
• Rain world
• Warriors

my comfort characters mostly stem
from trauma, so i'd really appreciate
if you didn't talk bad about any of them

fair warning i talk about and make
content for these characters a lot

• Zacharie (off)
• Springtrap (fnaf)
• Foxy (fnaf)
• Plushtrap (fnaf)
• Mangle (fnaf)
• Eridan (homestuck)
• Nepeta (homestuck)
• Endermen (minecraft)
• Steve (minecraft)
• Alex (minecraft)
• Herobrine (minecraft)
• Care (petscop)
• Marvin (petscop)
• Paul (petscop)
• Toneth (petscop)
• Roneth (petscop)
• Eevee (pokemon)
• Absol (pokemon)
• Tropius (pokemon)
• Wheatley (portal)
• Chell (portal)
• Slugcat (rainworld)
• Five pebbles (rainworld)
• Scavengers (rainworld)
• Sol (wcs)
• Hollyleaf (wcs)
• Dovewing (wcs)
• Squirrelflight (wcs)
• Breezepelt (wcs)
• Ashfur (wcs)
• Crowfeather (wcs)
• Feathertail (wcs)
• Yellowfang (wcs)
• Leopardfur (wcs)
• Star flower (wcs)
• Dark forest cats (wcs)
• Bee (bee and puppycat)
• Puppycat (bee and puppycat)